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Don’t you want to take a leap of faith? Or become an old man, filled with regret, waiting to die alone!

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Percy Jackson and The Sea Of Monsters - without Percy Jackson

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You’ll never hate the Percy Jackson movies like Rick Riordan hates them

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Mandatory Viewing: Join your victors in solidarity and watch President Snow’s second Panem Address, only at www.TheCapitol.PN

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"Isn’t it strange that I know you’d risk your life to save mine… but I don’t know what your favorite color is?" he says. A smile creeps onto my lips. "Green. What’s yours?"  "Orange," he says. "Orange? Like Effie’s hair?" I say. "A bit more muted," he says.

                                           More like … s u n s e t .

"Your favorite color…it’s green?" "That’s right." Then I think of something to add. "And yours is orange." "Orange?" He seems unconvinced. Not bright orange.

                                                            But soft. Like the s u n s e t.

 ”At least, that’s what you told me once.”

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Dance Moms - Kelly vs. Abby Lee Miller

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